A downloadable game for Windows

Help the swordie in quickly vanquishing random slime monsters that appeared everywhere. Eliminate as many slime as you can without getting hurt!

Hack and slash your way to the leaderboards as you compete with other people in getting the highest amount of slime kills!

Install Instructions:

1. Download the game

2. Open the .exe file





PocketSwordie.zip 14 MB


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Lose lives, and puts a reset button, and you can keep fighting and winning points when it is logical that should be dead, but that's also advantage.

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not a reset button... it's a retry button, mate ... just like a "TRY AGAIN" button in most rogue-like games :) Thanks for playing!

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But you haven't understood that when hearts are at 0, is continue playing and not die.

hmm u mean, it's logical that when the hearts are 0, it means u have 1 life left?

OOOHHHHHHH i see what u're saying now... it's a bug XD im sorry about tht.. thnks for noticing

it's fixed now :